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The mission of StartUp HUB is to encourage entrepreneurship through support schemes, to contribute reducing unemployment through adult education programmes and to increase EU funding in the region with the help of its experts.

About Us

The HUB was founded in 2021 as a response for post-covid economy restart. Since then, the initial activities of the association have expanded considerably, and it is currently carrying out projects worth 10 million Euros in various fields: business start-up and development, modernization of vocational training and adult education, promotion and introduction of agricultural innovations.

StartUp HUB is offering services which includes the access to a co-working space, the access to conference rooms, business consulting, networking, as well as the access to a startup enthusiast community and professionals.


Our main mission is to promote, to support and to empower the startup ecosystem in the central region of Romania. 

We encourage entrepreneurship among youngsters. Through EDPs (Entrepreneurship Development Programs) in 2022 we gave the opportunity to 100 young entrepreneurs to start their own business with 25000 Euro investments funded by European Structural and Investment Funds (EU grants through the Romanian government).

StartUp HUB organizations

StartUp HUB's vision, values and goals

We are committed promoters of the sustainable development objectives and we promote digitalization. Startup HUB member companies operate in following activities: business development and consulting, tourism (HoReCa), IT tech, furniture manufacturing, vocational training and adult education. In this way we contribute to reducing unemployment

Our goal is to contribute to a healthy and sustainable startup ecosystem in the center region of Romania. StartUp HUB is building relations and partnerships with venture capitals interested in investments in the central region of Romania. In nearly three years of our activity we got in touch with more than 30 VCs in order to provide series A investments opportunities to our startups.

Entrepreneurship development

Pre-seed & Seed funding grants for startups,
Success stories of young entrepreneurs.

Business development

Consultancy and project management,
European non-reimbursable funds.


Accredited courses,
Professional training,
Professional qualifications
through skills evaluation.

projects and programmes

Training and internships in Romania and abroad for young people

Board of Directors

Grüman Róbert

Co-founder, President

Szilard Kelemen

Co-Founder, Vice President

Oltean Csongor

Co-Founder, Executive President

Orbán Miklós

Co-Founder, Vice President

Prezsmer Csaba

Secretary, Office Manager

Entrepreneurship development

Zsolt Kárcsony

Head of the EDPs Department

Claudia Bögözi

EDP Asisistant

[post vacant]

EDP Asisistant

Business development & consulting

Csongor Czimbalmos Kozma

Senior Consultant

Beáta Kisgyörgy

Project Asisistant

Enikő Benkő

Project Asisistant

Adult education

Hunor Ürmösi-Incze

Coordinator of adult educational programs

Csilla Bara

Adult Education Programme Asisistant

Alpár György

Adult Education Programme Asisistant & Logistics Manager

Olivia Koszta

Adult Education Programme Asisistant

Csilla Kónya

Adult Education Programme Asisistant


Márton Norbert Béres

Head of Department of Vocational Education

Marzena Beata Oltean

Vocational Education Programme Asisistant

Xénia Roxana Bartha

Projects coordinator

Barnabás Bod

Project Asisistant

Hunor Kész

Project Asisistant

Project management

Arnold Kerekes

Technical Coordinator

Éva Mehedințu-Székely

Technical Asisistant

Antal-Róbert Ráduly

Technical Asisistant

Emőke Szabó Schuller

Technical Asisistant

Cornel Boacă

Procurement Asisistant

Administrative department

Timea Nenciu-Miklós

Financial and Economic Manager

Timea-Noémi Bálint

Financial and Economic Asisistant

Ildi Bús

Communications Consultant

Katinka Bartha

Assistant manager

Andor Grüman

Recruiting Director

Szabolcs Dolcsig

IT Manager