StartUp HUB, a business development, adult education and vocational training centre, reduces its carbon footprint by planting trees, so on Wednesday, May 3, the staff planted about 100 beech saplings on the roof of the Giant Cellar together with Private Forestry of Târgu Mureş. The voluntary action has several goals.

Following the principles of sustainability and in order to reduce the ecological footprint, StartUp HUB employees chose the roof of the Giant Cellar as the site for tree planting for the first time, where about 100 saplings were planted. Tree planting also has a symbolic meaning, as one hundred startuppers received €25,000 in funding recently, but the number of jobs they create will be more, as will the number of trees planted in the future.

“StartUp HUB is a centre for entrepreneurship, adult education and vocational training that aims to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem, support young people and young entrepreneurs, but also work for sustainable development and nature conservation. Since office work requires a lot of paper, we want to compensate for this with our colleagues by planting a tree. The aim of volunteering is to encourage colleagues to conservation, environmental awareness and volunteering” – highlighted Csongor Oltean, co-founder and executive chairman of StartUp HUB.

The action would be organized every year, involving not only employees, but also startuppers, partners and other entrepreneurs. Planting trees would strengthen the environment, as forests produce oxygen, use atmospheric carbon dioxide, mitigate the impact of climate change, water and erosion, create a microclimate and, last but not least, provide recreation.

This year’s first tree planting took place in a team-building manner and in a good mood, StartUp HUB staff planted several beech saplings, promising to take care of the planted trees in the future as well.